The best thing I Didn’t eat This weekend

Hello! šťastné pondělí! jaký byl tvůj víkend?

Mine was like this:
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Marathonský tréninkový den 3. den


I ran 12 miles around Anaheim, CA (near Disneyland)

I spoke on a panel with PB Fingers and Fitnessista

I had some delicious beverages on Friday night

Cheers to that weekend fun!

Monday Run

This morning I got in an easy 8 mile run and did some stretching. I noticed my hip was doing this weird tight thing after my run on Saturday so I’ve got to roll that out later!

And in the spirit of 5 minutes of cross training I’m going to do 5 minute abs later today.

Sundays eats…

My new favorite tradition is walking to get coffee on Sunday mornings.

I had a brown rice tortilla with cashew butter too.

Have you tried the cashew nut butter yet?


It’s outstanding and I can’t stop eating it. zachran se.

Then, I met up with some of the girls that were still in town for the idea world conference. whole Foods, you know.

Plus dessert…

I actually skipped this one because I don’t love bacon, but found it very interesting. would you have tried them?

Other weekend highlights included: not crying over spilled Cheerios.

This baby.

I have a busy week ahead! I’m going to Portland for Hood to coast in a few days and then have another trip right after that. So, I gotta get on it.

But first let me take a selfie I’m going to help my mom at her work for a few hours right now. I’ll see you in a bit!

Question: What’s on your agenda for this week?

Would you have tried the double chocolate Bacon Pretzels?? 

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